Cowboy Boot Fit Guide

Cowboy Boot Fit Guide

Cowboy Boot Fit 

Putting Them On

  • We recommend wearing boot socks when you try on boots. The socks will affect how the boots fit.
  • Standing up, place your fingers through the pull tabs on each side of the boot.
  • With the heel of the boot on the floor, insert your foot and give the straps a quick tug.
  • Your foot should resist a little then pop gently into the bottom of the boot.


  • Your instep ought to be snug, kind of like a sock. This is what holds the boot comfortably in place on your foot.


  • Do your toes feel pinched? The boots are probably too short! Try going up a half size.
  • Too much wiggle room in the toe box? The boots might be too long. Try going down a half size.


  • Your heel should lift ¼ to ½ inch when you walk. This slippage will lessen over time.


Cowboy Boot Sizing

Choosing the right boot size from the start makes all the difference when it comes to comfort. In general the rule is, the further you get from the letter A, the wider the boot is. This is regardless of gender (more on that difference below). If you have a narrow foot, wear boot insoles to absorb extra width (plus, they add cushion!).

Hombre Botas

    • Men's boots are sized in B, D, and EE width, with D being the average boot width.
    • Most men find they must size down 1/2 to 1 full size from their athletic shoe size to get the proper boot fit.
  • Women's Boots

    • Ladies boots widths are normally A, B and C widths, with B being the average width.
    • B width boot fits can vary greatly by manufacturer.
    • Women with average to wide feet will be true to their normal shoe size.
    • Women with narrow feet will sometimes size down ½ size.
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